The spirit of giving: My SG50 story

The spirit of giving: My SG50 story

This is a story on how my little sister had her innocent wish granted by a very thoughtful stranger. 🙂

It all started with my mum’s Facebook post last night, where Musfirah expressed her interest to see the National Day parade – something I guess every Singaporean child would have on their wishlist. As an older sister who tends to spoil this precious one (and who is presently away and missing the sibling she’s most attached to), I thought I’d try my luck in finding that “golden ticket” for her.

And so the quest began…



My Facebook post didn’t garner as much attention as I’d like, so I took it to a few groups on whatsapp and posted about it on Twitter to alert some friends… hoping someone could somehow get us tickets to the parade, be it from someone who can’t make it at the last minute or just happen to have extra tickets.



Just when I thought it was nearly impossible to get the tickets since it was only a day away, some people started retweeting it to pass the note around and it unexpectedly received more attention than I initially thought it would. I was telling someone how my sister was just another kid who wants to experience the parade – I mean, which kid doesn’t? Yet a string of people continued retweeting, saying they wanted to make Musfirah’s wish come true.

I guess kindness knows no bounds. I was starting to lose hope when someone dropped me a message.


This kind-hearted NS man not only offered to get a fun pack for my sister, but also said he was willing to send the fun pack over to our place if we couldn’t collect it from him! Any kid would love a goodie bag, so I thought that’s good enough since it seemed unlikely we would be getting the tickets. So I had my family to arrange to collect it from this brother. [Thank you Sholehin :)]

But lo and behold, God heard our prayers. We were surprised with even more good news the very next morning.






Only God knows how thrilled I was to have received this. Expressing my gratitude with words just isn’t enough! Even as I am writing this, I feel the need to commend the two people I mentioned in this post for their genuine gestures of kindness and I wish I could do more to thank them. But I’m sure Allah will repay their goodness with greater rewards.

What touches me even further is the fact that Sha had actually entered an essay writing competition for that prize. I can’t imagine the amount of effort she has put in to deserve it. Watching her willingly giving them away to Musfirah really hit my soft spot. I’m so overwhelmed by this I can’t even describe how thankful I am to have someone make my sister’s wishes come true.



Girl, you’re only 15! I know this probably won’t be a big deal to many, but the point is, you have made someone’s day today. I learnt that it’s also your parent’s anniversary and I’m sure it’s a great gift for them to know that their daughter has done a beautiful act of charity. Such a simple action, but an unforgettable one for my family, especially Musfirah. 😀

My purpose of sharing this is not to exhibit the power of social media (although that’s already prominent here). But I felt the need to spill out my “feels” for this very meaningful episode which made my SG50 experience from abroad a significantly memorable one, from my point of view.

As cliché as this sounds, I really do feel that “faith in humanity has been restored”.




She sure is enjoying it! And all credit goes to you, love. This has been a wonderful weekend. Happy birthday Singapore! 😀



UPDATE (10/08/2015): Singapore’s Berita Harian caught up on this and had the story published on today’s paper! Let’s spread the joy of giving! 🙂



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  1. How can one read this without a single tear? I’ve always believed in the spirit of giving. One will never know when the other needs it the most. Thank you for sharing this article. May all of us be blessed with nothing but the best.

  2. Humanity manifested itself in various ways and I am truly happy that your sis get the opportunity to experience NDP. And she is indeed privilege to have a caring sister in you too.


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