The Author

Hi there! I’m Maisurah Mokhsin, or better known as Mais for short, who’s just an ordinary 25-year-old from Singapore. I’m a journalism graduate and I practically write for a living. My works have been published on Monash’s Mojo, Meld Magazine – where I was an intern during my final year in uni, The Culture Trip, Daily Vanity, and I’ve also been lucky to have had an article picked up by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) during my intern with Meld.

Why I started this blog

To learn, grow & inspire

My interest in blogging started from a very young age and my purpose and style have undergone a hefty amount of makeover as I matured. This time, I’ve decided to put all the years I’ve had from blogging, combined with my professional journalistic experience, to create engaging and resourceful content for those (especially millennials) who need a dose of motivation to get through life and the complex process of ‘adulting’.

Are you in your 20s and still figuring your life out? Do you struggle to find the right job even with a degree? Do you feel like you’re just waaaay behind in life?

Well, we’re on the same boat. I’m here to assure you that you’re not alone and it’s okay to figure this whole life thing at your own pace. If there’s another thing I wish to advocate through this blog, it’s to embrace the moments life shoves you into and acquire wisdom behind every experience because they contribute to your personal growth.

I’ve had failures and have made irreversible mistakes in life which I can either choose to be depressed about or look back on them, pick up the positives, learn my lesson, and then move on. And I believe the best thing to have in working towards self-improvement and growth is to know that someone’s out there rooting for you – hopefully, that’s where I come in!

If you’re keen to join me on this journey, where we learn to appreciate our little achievements and develop ourselves into better beings than we were yesterday, stick around and subscribe to my newsletter – that’s where I’ll share the juicy bits I don’t disclose on my blog!

But of course with every aspect of life, comes the non-drudgery and less serious stuff as well!
Here are some other topics you’ll find on this blog:

  • My travels (I wouldn’t call myself a globetrotter, but I do travel if my savings and time permit!)
  • Health & Beauty tips (I take my skin care and workout regimes seriously)
  • Food (Because everybody needs food)
  • Student guides (I’ll share advice I wish someone had provided me with when I was a student)
  • Journal entries, reviews and inspirational posts (Label: Miscellaneous)

Quick facts about me:

  • My personality type is ESFP! (and I’m a whopping 90% extroverted)
  • I’m the eldest of 5 siblings and absolutely adore my youngest sister, Mus
  • I have two cats -Nala and Mochi, and a rabbit named Puffy
  • I studied for about 3 years at Monash University in Melbourne
  • My favourite TV programs are cooking shows (Masterchef Aus ftw) and documentaries
  • I like cartoons and animated films too
  • I can have ice-cream all day every day
  • If you couldn’t guess from the blog, purple is my favourite colour (almost any shade, really)